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ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
I felt very fortunate to have passed all of my ACCA exams the first time. Primarily because I had very good tutors. I was very proud to attend my first ACCA evening CPD (Continuing Professional Development) At that meeting the local council mentioned that they had an opening for 3 places on the council of 9. My view passed down from my father, had always been to give back to the community. That prompted me to put my name forward to join the local council.

Gradually, I became more involved and after a few years, I was elevated to be the local president. This was quite an honour. The duties did include helping fellow ACCA members with their CPD queries, and organising events including at that time our annual lunch where we invited other societies including the Law society local dignitaries other accounting firms. One such lunch was held at the Paignton Zoo. The Zoo turned out to be exemplary hosts including a tour of the Zoo as well as a talk from one of the head keepers,
This also involved other societies that would then reciprocate and I would be invited to their events with the opportunity to be invited onboard the HMS Exeter as well as meeting such people as Bear Grylls, Eddie George the former Bank of England Governor, as well as get an autograph from Edward Woodward.

The highlight of it all is that I was delighted to be invited to the ACCA 100th anniversary and meet other ACCA global members at a gala event held within the Lloyds building. What insight and privilege to meet my fellow members a vast array of Global members.

No, I did not always plan to be an accountant.
During my early years back in Canada a new mayor was elected and the announcement included the fact that he was a Chartered Accountant. I had no clue as to what that meant, my dad was on hand to explain.

At eleven I decided that I wanted to travel and see the world. At about that same time my mother was returning to work and would not be there in the evenings to cook the evening meal. I have three siblings and we each took turns one night a week. I really enjoyed eating so learning how to cook was a natural progression. I also decided that after travelling and seeing the world as a chef I would settle down and go to University.

I trained at SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) for 2 years. After successfully completing my apprenticeship, my part-time job at a luxury hotel flourished into a full-time job. As a luxury hotel, we catered to many dignitaries and entertainers including the Beach Boys. The icing on the cake was being privileged to cook a prime rib roast beef dinner for Prince Charles.

Once I found myself sitting behind a University desk, owing to the fact that I was a restaurateur for 2 years drew me towards business courses.
Still not clear what the role of an accountant was, I asked to attend a morning at an accountant's office to see first-hand what went on and whether I would like it or not.
At the end of that meeting, the Managing Partner of the firm turned to me and said “As you can see my role here has little to do with numbers primarily my role is to help people.
This was music to my ears as I always enjoyed helping people.

Your business means everything to you, and you want an accountant who understands that.

You want someone who understands your goals and works alongside you to reach them.

A sounding board for ideas, and someone who comes to you with ideas of their own to help you and your business.

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place!


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