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Examples of ways in which our Devon based accountancy services have helped clients.

Start Up

A start-up computer software enterprise was targeting small B&Bs and small hotel clients. Our advice was to start knocking on bigger doors such as conference centres. This company has now developed into a company that delivers 7-figure sales.

Increase Sales Online

A client approached us and requested help to increase the Company’s sales. We were able to put them in touch with another client that specialised in design as well as an interactive website. Now the initial client is in the position of making online sales and increasing their turnover.

Business Expansion

A client in a small catering enterprise required new premises. We were able to connect them together with another client that was considering selling their building.


A client had inherited a property jointly with a sibling. Our advice was not to sell the property. They obtained a buy-to-let mortgage and purchased the other sibling's portion and let the property. This allowed the client to receive a monthly income and allowed her to retire since she did not have a pension pot.

Levels of Investment

Sadly the advice is also when a client is closing their doors and getting them to deal with letting go of something that has been a big part of their lives for over a quarter of a century. A manufacturing company in this case where new technology had outstripped the old ways of doing things and the level of new investment was prohibitive.


As well as being the sole trader our client was also working full-time for another firm. When his employer was facing bankruptcy and had a conditional offer to sell the business to a third party. The condition was that the third party did not want to buy the business sector that our client managed. His employer then offered the unwanted business sector to our client. I am often reminded by that client “If you hadn’t been there I would have said NO. Thanks for explaining to me the essentials of business and all that I needed to know and understand”. Owing to our client's strong views on how to deliver customer service, within 6 years they have created a thriving and very profitable business from an unwanted sector of a bankrupt business.


Often we are asked about dividends versus a salary. There is no straightforward answer. Any advice of this nature can only be done after reviewing all sources of an individual’s income, not in isolation.
We had a client who recently retired from running a small repair business. He was often paid in cash. The client would then go out to his van and without delay wrote out the appropriate invoice for the repair work carried out, to agree to the amount of cash just received. He included this in his sales records. He had done this for 33 years. This level of honesty was also evident in the workmanship and fairness delivered to every customer. This attitude was reflected in the high level of repeat business and good referrals. He never paid for any advertising and must have saved a lot. Our advice when the subject of cash is raised is always to be to take on the fine attributes of this gentleman.

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